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White Collar drabble - Feasting and Memories

Fandom: White Collar
Summary: It wasn't the food Neal would remember, but the people he shared it with.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners.
Warnings: None
Pairings: None, gen.
Words: 100
Notes: Written for whitecollar100.  Prompt was "Feast".

Feasting and memoriesCollapse )
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June 9 2014

Yesterday, James, my sister and I went to Fargo to see Reese, who is basically my adopted brother.  He has spent the last several months in Texas in Basic Training and AIT training after he joined the Air Force.  In about two weeks, he will go to Colorado where he has been stationed.

It was an amazing day.  Reese really wanted to meet James, and the two really enjoyed hanging out together.  We went to Lindenwood Park in Fargo, which is a park that my siblings and I used to go to with my grandparents when we were younger.  It's so beautiful, full of camp sites, walking paths, and playground equipment all surrounding the river.  We had an absolute blast there!

My uncle was also in Fargo and he is from Arizona so I don't see him very often either.  He also was able to meets both James and Reese and that was also a lot of fun.

It was so nice to have a day when I didn't have to worry about money, or the fact that my hours at work got cut to practically half of what I generally work, or all the other adult stuff that has become apart of my life.  It was just me with three of the most important people hanging out, having fun and catching up.

It was amazing.

On a side note, I have started a White Collar fic, but no promises since my muse has all but deserted me for the last couple of years.  But I am trying.  
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June 1, 2014

I got accepted into College!  This fall, I will be starting at Bismarck State College.  Eventually, I will be pursuing Interpretive Sign Language, but for right now, I am just going for a Bachelor's, probably in Business or English.

I am excited!   
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Home for the Weekend

I just spent the weekend in Pembina. I went back for two of my best friends' graduation. For the most part, it was a really good weekend. I actually slept at my parents' house instead of the Johnsons for the most part. For those of you who maybe don't know or don't remember what happened at the beginning of 2013, you can read about it here and here.

Anyway, after all that, my relationship with my parents had finally gotten to the point where I almost walked away completely because I figured that if I couldn't have a healthy relationship with them, maybe it was better to just not have one.  But after this weekend, I'm beginning to think that maybe there is hope for this relationship.  Which is amazing!

I got home this morning and was able to spend some times with my boyfriend James, and read some fanfiction, posted some recs to my gen comm fandomgen, which I haven't done for a while.  Tomorrow I have to take my new car--my old one died on me, so my new one is a 2002 Ford Focus which actually starts when I need him to, which is a plus--to have the brakes fixed and the coolant replaced before going back to work for the first time in 5 days.

In all, it's been a good couple of days.  :)

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Livejournal, I am back.

Yes, I know, it's been forever.

However, I have decided that I will try to be more active on livejournal.  I have gotten out of fanfiction a bit due to life being so. freaking. busy, but I am hoping to jump back on the wagon.  I haven't written anything at all in nearly two years, I that has got to start up again as well.  As it is, I am working on a book plot idea--one that I have been working on for more than a year and it's coming together slowly, and I am super excited for it.  Hopefully that will all work out.

But for all you old friends, I am back, and I can't wait to figure out what's been going on in your lives!

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My Rec Comm

Recently, I have been building a gen rec comm--mostly because I am a person who searches for gen rec lists and rarely find long juicy ones--and I'd thought I would share it.  I update it whenever I find a fic that I love.  Which happens fairly often as I read fanfiction constantly and have absolutely no life.  So. Yeah.  All my recs are over at fandomgen.