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June 9 2014

Yesterday, James, my sister and I went to Fargo to see Reese, who is basically my adopted brother.  He has spent the last several months in Texas in Basic Training and AIT training after he joined the Air Force.  In about two weeks, he will go to Colorado where he has been stationed.

It was an amazing day.  Reese really wanted to meet James, and the two really enjoyed hanging out together.  We went to Lindenwood Park in Fargo, which is a park that my siblings and I used to go to with my grandparents when we were younger.  It's so beautiful, full of camp sites, walking paths, and playground equipment all surrounding the river.  We had an absolute blast there!

My uncle was also in Fargo and he is from Arizona so I don't see him very often either.  He also was able to meets both James and Reese and that was also a lot of fun.

It was so nice to have a day when I didn't have to worry about money, or the fact that my hours at work got cut to practically half of what I generally work, or all the other adult stuff that has become apart of my life.  It was just me with three of the most important people hanging out, having fun and catching up.

It was amazing.

On a side note, I have started a White Collar fic, but no promises since my muse has all but deserted me for the last couple of years.  But I am trying.  
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I'm so glad you had a good time with your family! That's wonderful!

And I hope you will have a chance to write. I know how frustrating it can be when inspiration leaves.