Customized Dice

December 11

Happy Holidays everyone!

I'm slowly crawling along with two of my original stories. I try to write 15 minutes a day on at least one of them, but I've been concentrating a lot on finishing up my semester at school. I believe I have one last essay to write, but then it will be Christmas Break! I'm really hoping to write at least 12 stories of some kind throughout 2016. Since I'm a very slow and not very prolific, that will be a huge accomplishment for me, but we'll see how it goes. 
  • Current Music: Salt in the Snow (Revisited) - The Classic Crime
It's awesome that you're trying to write at least twelve stories next year, and that you're working so hard on you're original pieces. :) I hope that goes well, and the rest of your semester as well! Have a very merry Christmas!